Before I introduce you to my secret new lover, I guess I should recap yesterday’s eats ;)

Chocolate-Pumpkin Oatgurt with Banana

For those of you who asked how to make oatgurt, I would make my own tutorial but I’d have to make it all over again to take pics, so check out Heather’s here.

I followed the recipe except for three things,
1. I soaked them in a glass jar. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter what you soak them in (??)
2. I didn’t use anything special to keep them warm. My house is usually around 78-80 degrees, so while they were in a ceramic bowl at this point, I did nothing else special.
3. I only allowed them to ferment for 24 hours. I didn’t want them that sour, to be honest.

Lunch Salad (with the rest of my DCD jar, shhhh!)

I also totally cheated and had an oikos and flax granola ;)

Ok so THEN! The UPS man swung by my house :D I was so excited unwrapping my gift that I forgot to take a picture!! But I will tonight :D I got a spiralizer!! For dinner I promptly spiralized 2 zucchini and mixed them with a rosemary-garlic pesto I made, and some faux crumbles :)

Spiralized Dinner!

Money Shot!

It was really a lot like spaghetti. I won’t say exactly like, because I guess it wasn’t chewy? But I could barely tell. So good! And with a plate that big, who can complain?!

7 responses to “Introductions

  1. I’m so tempted to try that oatgurt but for some reason I’m kind of scared to make it/eat it. I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up!!! Yours looks awesome though!

  2. wait wait wait — so is your new lover the UPS man or your spiralizer?! ;) i kid i kid! beautiful dish my dear!

  3. Oh my lord! Your dinner looks fabulousss! I want some!

    How do you make oatgurt? You’ve got me interested!

  4. Disregard that last comment–I just saw your very detailed directions. I’ll give those a try! :-)

  5. Your spiralized dinner looks better than true spaghetti pasta if you ask me. Yum – and with rosemary-garlic pesto? Perfect.

    So glad your oatgurt turned out well. I’ve had several people email me about their oatgurt disasters. Good job. :)

  6. Yay for the spiralizer! Enjoy it.

  7. YAY! thanks for the tutorial. I’ll be giving it a try sometime soon!
    And yes indeedy, big plates are gOOOD!

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